Out of hibernation

The spring weather yesterday here in Nashville just got me out of my apparently genetical winter hibernation. It surprises me every year and I don't even know I'm in it until woken from it. 

In Sweden everybody's in it, it's an agreed on factor of winter, equaling darkness, which makes you not realize that it could be considered an oddity. Also we're fed by the flashes of fluffy snow where we can all feed from the sun's reflections off the white, play in it and enjoy the hibernation dream state in fairyland. 

It makes sense there. Here, it's just an odd tiredness that you can't put your finger on, until one day - yesterday that is - spring comes and it's gone. 

It doesn't really matter if the cold comes back, the bear is out of its den and it's time to start feeding and going hunting for new adventures...

We'll see you out there :)

- Ida Kristin

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